Sunday, August 31, 2014

King of Kings Spoke

Proverbs 8:1-36

 Is not wisdom calling out?Is not discernment raising its voice?+2   On the heights+ along the road,It takes its position at the crossroads.3   Next to the gates leading into the city,At the entrances of the doorways,It keeps crying out loudly:+4   “To you, O people, I am calling;I raise my voice to everyone.*5   You inexperienced ones, learn shrewdness;+You stupid ones, acquire an understanding heart.*6   Listen, for what I say is important,My lips speak what is right;7   For my mouth softly utters truth,And my lips detest what is wicked.8   All the sayings of my mouth are righteous.None of them are twisted or crooked.9   They are all straightforward to the discerningAnd right to those who have found knowledge.10  Take my discipline instead of silver,And knowledge rather than the finest gold,+11  For wisdom is better than corals;*All other desirable things cannot compare to it.12  I, wisdom, dwell together with shrewdness;I have found knowledge and thinking ability.+13  The fear of Jehovah means the hating of bad.+I hate self-exaltation and pride+ and the evil way and perverse speech.+14  I possess good advice and practical wisdom;+Understanding+ and power+ are mine.15  By me kings keep reigning,And high officials decree righteousness.+16  By me princes keep ruling,And nobles judge in righteousness.17  I love those loving me,And those seeking me will find me.+18  Riches and glory are with me,Lasting wealth* and righteousness.19  My fruitage is better than gold, even refined gold,And what I produce is better than the finest silver.+20  I walk in the path of righteousness,In the middle of the pathways of justice;21  I give a rich inheritance to those who love me,And I fill up their storehouses.22  Jehovah produced me as the beginning of his way,+The earliest of his achievements of long ago.+23  From ancient times* I was installed,+From the start, from times earlier than the earth.+24  When there were no deep waters,+ I was brought forth,*When there were no springs overflowing with water.25  Before the mountains were set in place,Before the hills, I was brought forth,26  When he had not yet made the earth and its fieldsOr the first clods of earth’s soil.27  When he prepared the heavens,+ I was there;When he marked out the horizon* on the surface of the waters,+28  When he established* the clouds above,When he founded the fountains of the deep,29  When he set a decree for the seaThat its waters should not pass beyond his order,+When he established* the foundations of the earth,30  Then I was beside him as a master worker.+I was the one he was especially fond of+ day by day;I rejoiced before him all the time;+31  I rejoiced over his habitable earth,And I was especially fond of the sons of men.*32  And now, my sons, listen to me;Yes, happy are those who keep my ways.33  Listen to discipline+ and become wise,And never neglect it.34  Happy is the man who listens to meBy coming early to* my doors day by day,By waiting next to my doorposts;35  For the one finding me will find life,+And he receives approval from Jehovah.36  But the one who ignores me harms himself,*And those who hate me love death.”

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Anti Christ, the Devil.

The rebel Satan rules the World, always has since the fall of Adam, but woe to the Earth, for the wicked ones hour is short, and he is behind schedule. Its laughable. Here the Ineffable is Patient, and Satan cant even make it on time to his own binding, after drinking the blood of all the dead. It is so sad, but hilarious all at the same time.

That fallen one hates everyone.

All will be revealed, it will start with all the apparent lie matrix, but it will go beyond, way beyond, until eventually it becoming an never ending increasing present moment with the Ineffable. The Most high being, God.

Until that time everything is going by the book. 

The heavenly Court needs no more evidence, as they have adjourned, and are now waiting on the clouds. Darkness will cover the land in their decent.

Study it deeply and see. No one ever really acknowledges the power of "empathy", and what happens when empathy is never had or acted on by a species that is all over Earth?

Do you think that Humans are the only ones that are capable of doing the planning and execution and power to do these things on Earth, to all other life forms? The death cult of Satanists love the idea of a mass killing of the populations, and thinking they are going to survive and be left over, but alas, Humans are still but ants, and when compared to the Ineffable, are nothing at all.

Therefore, when in the Fathers House, and using the gifted "foot stool of Earth", it should not be ripped apart in the search for valuables when the owner is in bed, put dirty feet on, and rocks on it too hard, so as to lesson the screws holding it together.

When the true morning comes, after the darkness, it burns away the dewy mist, as if it had never been there, as it was described of Humans, and everything temporal, a long time ago, that this is what Humans are to the one with true patience and long suffering.

Repent then, and talk to the Great Father, relationship with the Divine, remember the heart of a child that we all have felt and been, before it was numbed over like a hard piece of coal. Otherwise, prepare for destruction, as it comes like a thief in the night.

In the days of old, when the Kings of Men needed to test the mental activity of society, that first used and picked the most vulnerable. The ones that usually were Historically, it was always the minorities. That is no longer, and is changing rapidly now. And yet, so many dismiss what is going on, which is the great deception.

The Great deception.

Know the Seasons and times, for the hand writting appears more and more, and more clearly, on the wall.

The Beast with the Harlot on Top, which will become the "woman harlot", once grown up.

Even in the worse of times, the Ineffable causes Joy to be found through laughing, which reveals the Divine Mercy, and beyond wisdom that he has. The Grand Father.